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Helton Amilcar de Sa

I want to say thank you to the team at Joblinx for the opportunity at QSuper, it is truly a wonderful experience. I really appreciate the confidence they showed in me by giving me this excellent internship. I was looking for a big company with an excellent reputation in the market and they found me exactly that.

During my internship at Qsuper, I have been participating in various tasks with senior level employees. The program has been going so well, it is intangible. Everything that I have learnt about good business practice, I can now see in a real workplace. It is so important to put in practice what you have been learning in class. This opportunity is so important to improve my qualifications as well as achieve my future goals.

I received support from Joblinx before the program started and professional advice. All instructions about the process, steps and rules were discussed. The staff member who assisted me is very friendly, kept me motivated at all stages of the process and provided excellent support. I really am grateful."