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Tapashi Rajbangshi

It has been a really great opportunity to undertake work experience with Cerebral Palsy League (CPL). This is my second work experience in Australia. To be able to get my foot in the door and work with people who are so dedicated and enthusiastic about their work is definitely a big opportunity for me. This internship has not only improved my communication skills, but I have also learnt about work ethic, and increased my self-confidence level. The internship has also given me insight into these two extremely significant parts of handling work – multitasking and work commitment.

Without the help of Joblinx I would have not able to secure a role as part-time Admin Assistant with the organisation. The fact that I not only get to practice my skills as an accountant, but I also get to support a disabled community in doing what I do is a big satisfaction in itself.

Joblinx put a lot of effort into understanding my personality type, preparing me and finding an organisation that I could fit into.  Thank you once again Joblinx, for never ceasing to give students amazing experiences and for changing my life perspective.  It wouldn’t have been possible to avail such opportunities without Joblinx!"