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Tiago Rocha Delgado

In April 2014 I graduated in Brazil as an Electrical Engineer.  After a month I was embarking on the most thrilling adventure, leaving my beloved behind, I was prepared to face up to any obstacle that could my goals. I had decided that I would come to Australia to study English and to work in any position that would broaden my skills and worldview. The fact that two close friends of mine who came to Brisbane back in 2010 and 2011 had a great experience improving their English while working as cleaners, only gave me more confidence to pursue it.

Once I arrived and made my assessment to be streamed for the English classes, I was sent straight to the highest level available and advised that my skills were already well above average. It sounded great; it meant that I would be able to get a job position in hospitality or customer service where I could make use of my communication skills in a way to perfect it. Moreover, I was now encouraging myself to endeavour to build my career here.

I was keen to get any kind of job, paid or not, to start my experience with the Australian job market, however I was sensing that it was not easy to get this first opportunity as most businesses asked for previous experience. I had almost two years of experience as an intern engineer in a Brazilian engineering consultancy, having many responsibilities; I was commissioned to deal with clients enquires, designing feasibilities studies and being the company’s representative in some meetings. All of it would at least have been enough to create a good impression, but not here in Australia.

In order to get by, I started to work as a self-employed contractor, pedalling around South Bank and the CBD with a pedicab (a bicycle with a bench seat behind it). It was a good experience but it was not enough. I came to Joblinx looking for help and they assisted me in every way possible. They helped me to identify my new objectives, elaborate on my resume and I was even coached on how to conduct myself in an interview. Shortly after I was presented with some positions available that would suit me better.

After about four months striving for a job I was then given an opportunity - A trial at The Greek Club in West End as a wait staff. It was a hard work performing tasks that had nothing to do with calculations, spreadsheets or evaluations, things I have never done or dreamt of doing before such as carrying three plates at once or balancing big trays full of glasses while having to smile and care for the patrons. Despite any difficulty, I had put effort into doing my best and got the desired paid position as a casual employee after that. The experience so far has been beyond my expectations. I am continuously learning with on-the-job training and I can always count with my co-workers, whom are from all over the world (France, Belgium, Brazil, Colombia, Peru, etc.).

Joblinx was always proactive and concerned about any possible difficulty that I might have, offering total support, although it was always my responsibility to go after what I wanted. I am very grateful for all the assistance and I totally recommend it to anyone who desires enhancing their employability."